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Guy Cooper


BPhys (Astrobiology)
M Creative Industries

An artist of many formats, but primarily a musician, music producer and sculptor, Guy Cooper sculpts sound and vibrations into art with an emotional direction. As a univeristy lecturer of 18 yrs and the manager & music producer of Serotonin Productions & Human Records, he has spent the last 20 years on the coast working with local artists in music, film, graphic design, photography, acoustic design & a wide range of mediums. Combining his love for art and science into well-directed productions, a flair for the blending of technical skill and creative aesthetics to create pieces that connect with the audience on an emotional level. With a long list of music and sculpture awards he is currently exploring his love of art, music and renewable energy.


Guardians of the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Medical Staff Homage, Winner of the 2020 Swell Sculpture Festival People's Choice Award.

Guy Cooper - Guardians of the Gold Coast


Poseidon's Music Box

Solar Powered Kinetic Music Box, calling on Poseidon, God of the Sea to smite Adani.

2018 Poseidon's MB Buskers SUN_01_5.jpg


Migaloo's Song

Huge Kinetic Wind powered steel bodied string Harp, shaped and 1:1 scale of Migaloo the white whale.

Migaloo's Song Guy Cooper 2017_01.jpg

Mini-Doco & Immersive Music/Sound


An immserive mini-doco on the people & places of the Gold Coast. Designed to be shown on projection in surround with ambisonic audio.


Can-o-Saurus Rex

Aluminum Can Recycling T-Rex for Earth Frequency Festival 2019

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Ashmore Gold Coast QLD Australia 4214

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