Kinetic Wind Harp Sculpture
Guy Cooper / Gold Coast

Sound and music follows a harmonic structure like that found in nature. There’s connection to our organic world utilising acoustics & science, to create harmony with our surroundings. Sound as humans perceive it, is an auditory perception of the brain’s response to vibrational patterns observed by our bodies. For me the combination of art, design and psychoacoustics creates a hidden link that resonates between nature and all life. Humpback whales are described as ‘inveterate composers’ of songs that are ‘strikingly similar’ to human musical traditions, a kinship we share with these mammals and a shared language. I am building a kinetic wind harp shaped like a whale with 3 rotating wind-powered turbines rotors that will ‘strum’ the strings and play a pre-composed song entitled “Migaloo’s Song” in 3 part harmony. The sculpture is a tribute to and connection of how I perceive art, music and nature in our world.







Guy Cooper’s “Migaloo’s Song” sculpture receives Environmental Awareness award & The People's Choice award at 2017 Swell Sculpture Festival & “We Become the Fire” single released with Kinetic Wind Harp and Gold Coast Musicians.


It’s great to see a big project come to full fruition and this song is the final piece of the sculpture Guy Cooper has made for Swell this year.


Music follows a harmonic structure like that found in nature. We as humans have a connection to our natural world, utilizing acoustics & science, to create harmony with all living things on our planet. Sound is an auditory perception of the brain's response to vibrational patterns observed by our senses. Art, design and psychoacoustics create a hidden link, that connects all life. Humpback whales are described as ‘inveterate composers’ of songs that are 'strikingly similar' to human musical traditions, a kinship we share with these mammals and a shared language.


A giant kinetic wind harp shaped like Migaloo the white whale. An instrument and wind powered music box that plays a score in 3-part harmony Guy wrote that correlates to the humpback whales song in E major 7. I was honored to also receive the People's Choice award & the Environmental Awareness award from the Max Fabre Foundation and Leanne Sanderson, the sculptures lights and audio is powered by the wind and sun and brings awareness to the connection between nature, science. The world around us is deeply intertwined, we are responsible for the planet and our government could be doing a hell of a lot more, starting with stopping the Adani coal mine and helping to save the Great Barrier Reef.


The full meaning of the sculpture and why I built it is a symbolic and emotional expression of how I feel. Through a series of unfortunate events, life can deal you some bad situations. This sculpture represents to me the energy and passion to break through that, rise above it for myself and do something epic, challenge myself to do better and bring it to life. You are in control of your actions, sometimes things seem insurmountable, but these are the moments you need to stand up and move forward. You can give into depression and let trauma eat you alive, burning in the flames… or you can become the fire.


Break my heart, break my head, I’m getting stronger.

Through me around, then turn me upside down.



Rising-up and making the most of it, shining lights to show me the way,

Raise the globe up with a little love, raise it with your hands each day.


I know I can do better than, better than the way I am,

I know we can do better than, so get up and take my hand.


Love and thanks to all my friends and family and especially the amazing Gold Coast musician souls that helped me write, perform and sing on this track. Please check it out and donate if you feel inspired, all proceeds from the song are going to Sea Shepard Australia to help protect the whales…and Migaloo. Please head to https://humanrecordsau.bandcamp.com/track/guy-cooper-we-become-the-fire-migaloos-song to hear the song and donate to Sea Shepard.



Guy Cooper (Charlie Rebel, Mickey, Sook, Reichelt, Too Right Mate) – Lyrics/Melody, Vocals, Keys, Migaloo’s Song Harp, Percussion.

Nick Rebel (Charlie Rebel) – Guitar, Vocals

Chris Torr (Charlie Rebel) - Drums

Teigan Le Plastier (Being Jane Lane) - Vocals

Mickey Van Wyk (Mickey) - Vocals

Ben Le Strange (Ok Cowboys) - Guitar

Julia Rose (Julia Rose) – Vocals, Bass

Kirk Mesmer (Sook) – Vocals, Guitar

Loustar (Banks of the Beautiful) - Vocals

Benny D Williams (Benny D Williams) – Vocals, Percussion

Kate Leopold (Leopold’s Treat) - Vocals

Felicity Lawless (Felicity Lawless) - Guitar

Lecia Louise (Lecia Louise) - Vocals


You can also still vote for #17 Migaloo’s Song in the Swell Sculpture Festival People’s choice award at http://www.swellsculpture.com.au/vote/ J and you can find pics and video of Migaloo’s song up here https://guy-serotonin.wixsite.com/artgc/migaloo and at https://www.facebook.com/migalooguycooper/




Ashmore Gold Coast QLD Australia 4214